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Adopted children and school

What do I tell people at school about me being adopted?

Some people want to tell everyone they meet that they are adopted and others don’t want to tell anyone. You can chose who you tell and how much you share. There are some important things to think about before making your mind up about this, like other people’s reactions and how you might feel in the future. If you don’t know what you should do talk to your parents, you can all sit down as a family with an adoption support worker if it would help and decide together.

Where do I go for help with coping at school?

Going to school, changing school, moving between primary and secondary school, needing special help in school and friendships in school, can all cause adopted children difficulty. There are specialist education workers within local authorities and sometimes within schools who work with looked after and adopted children and young people. They are often called ‘the virtual school’ or ‘the virtual schools’ team’. If you need to talk about educational issues or how you feel in school then the adoption support worker or local adoption team can help these discussions to happen and put you and your parents in touch with the relevant people and even come to your school to discuss things there. Sometimes there are groups including those at The Centre that you can go to with other adopted children to explore your feelings about school and to make new friends.

Useful Links

You can download The Centre’s  guide for parents and teachers about the needs of adopted children at school here.

The following websites have pages focused on children and young people at school




There is also useful information on the PAC website about independent living for adopted young people and adoption issues post 18.