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If you reading this it is probably because you are growing up as an adopted person; this part of our website is especially designed to help you understand some of the things that might happen after you have gone to live with your adoptive family and after you have been adopted. Your adoptive family is legally yours for life, as you are growing up together, any one of you might have some questions about adoption. We hope this part of the website will help you answer some of the questions you may have, show you how some of the people coming into your life are there to support you and how to find them if you need them.

When you were adopted you and your new parents will have been given lots of information. This should have answered some of the questions you had at the time. As you get older you might find that you have more questions that need answering or you need them answering in more depth. You might feel the need to explore the answers more closely than you did when you were very young.

Every adoption agency and local authority in the UK involved in placing children and young people for adoption has a responsibility to provide adoption support services to those adoptive families who need them, to help them live together and support each other. Your family will probably have an adoption support contact, a worker who will be able to help with your questions. If your family do not have an adoption support contact and you need one, speak to your parents and they can contact the relevant adoption agency (either the agency that placed you for adoption or the local authority for the area you live).They would need to speak to the adoption team and request ‘an assessment of adoption support need’. This worker can talk to you and your family and try to help you all work things out together. If you were placed through a Voluntary Adoption Agency your parents could approach that agency to discuss what post adoption support services the agency provides that would help you. If necessary, your agency could help you approach your Local Authority if that is appropriate. If you and your parents are unsure of who to contact to get an ‘assessment of adoption support need’ you can contact The Centre and we will help you find out.