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Therapy Services

The Centre offers a multidisciplinary therapy service led by a Consultant Child Clinical Psychologist and an Adoption Support Therapist. We work with a range of therapeutic associates who have trained in a multitude of disciplines and provide evidence based interventions including: Clinical Psychology, Dyadic-Developmental Psycho-Therapy (DDP), Life Journey Work, Play Therapy, Creative Art Therapies, Theraplay® and Children’s Accelerated Trauma Technique.  All of our therapy associates have worked extensively with looked-after and adopted children with their families.  All therapist associates are registered with their own professional body and have had the required range of checks completed in order to comply with the requirements of providing services under the Adoption Support Service Regulations (2005). Meet the team

Our expertise is providing assessments and therapeutic services to adoptive families whose children have backgrounds of neglect, abuse and developmental trauma prior to their adoption/permanent placement.  The majority of children placed for adoption today have come from these experiences, which has shaped their behaviour and view of the world.  We listen to parents and understand how hard it can be sometimes to have to live with and hold their child’s trauma on a daily basis.  Many adoptive families experience severe difficulties at times, sometimes resulting in crisis.  We recognise the long-term implications of adopting and view adoption as a life long journey where support is paramount.

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Our specialist therapy services can be self-funded or contracted by Local Authorities needing specialist support for children and families via the Adoption Support Fund. For further information on the process involved in our therapeutic service click here.

Please make an enquiry with us today info@adoptionsupportcentre.org or call us on 0117 955 8826

We adhere to The Centre’s core values by  offering an open, sensitive and respectful therapeutic service.

Our therapeutic model is based on theory, research and practice models within the complex trauma and attachment perspective.  We integrate particular models including Theraplay® and Dan Hughes Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP). Throughout every aspect of our work, we will place the child at the centre of our thinking and therapeutic model.  We wish to build and retain close and trusting relationships with parents and their network to achieve successful long-term therapeutic outcomes.

Our goals are to promote:

  • the development of healthy attachment relationships between family members
  • the integration of unresolved past trauma
  • improved regulation capacity
  • parental understanding and insight into their child’s emotional needs
  • parental confidence in responding to their child’s emotional needs with empathy and joy.
  • the understanding of the network around the child and family


We realise that we cannot just talk to children about their past, nor can we simply help children to form more secure attachments without dealing in some way, with the residue of trauma which has become entrenched in their system.  Alongside this basic premise of therapy for children, it is also recognised that parent support, education support and further specialist assessments are often required. We also work on the premise that every family situation is different and there is no ‘one size of support’ that fits all. It is for these reasons that here at The Centre we offer a robust tailored assessment and clinical service which is continually monitored and reviewed with you at agreed intervals.