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Churches, Schools and Groups

Supporting through your Church, School, Faith or Community Group

We are extremely grateful to all of the churches, schools and community organisations that give their money and time to support our work. As a small charity, we depend on this support to continue providing adoptive families with the specialist services and support they need.

Each year we have to raise over £150,000 to continue our vital work, which is why, if you are not supporting already, we would love you to consider supporting us through your Church, School, Faith or Community Group. For more information about how you can help please see the relevant sections below.

Supporting through your Church

The Clifton Children’s Society (CCS) was originally founded by the Diocese of Clifton in 1904, and has been finding homes for vulnerable children ever since.

Clifton Diocese parishes

Although the adoption landscape has dramatically changed over the years we continue to have an excellent relationship with the Diocese and many of its parishes, and are incredibly grateful to all of the parishioners who generously give their time, donations and prayers in support of our work. This support is hugely important to us and accounts for a significant proportion of the donations we receive each year.

We stay in touch with Clifton Diocese parishes through our annual newsletter and Christmas card catalogue, and by sending them information about our two church appeals:

  • Second collection – each spring the Clifton Diocese schedule a Second Collection for CCS Adoption, with parishes that take part collecting donations for us during mass. We write to the parishes several weeks ahead of this inviting them to participate and provide them with a verbal appeal, bidding prayer and ideas for a bulletin announcement.
  • Crib offering – we also write to parishes before advent asking them to consider holding a crib collection for us. Parishes that participate collect donations for us alongside their nativity scene.

Parishes fundraise for us in other ways too, and every year we receive additional money raised from a wide variety of activities and events organised by the parishes for our benefit.

Other churches and faith groups

We also welcome support from other churches and faith groups who want to make a difference to the lives of local families. If you are part of a church, mosque or other faith group and would like to support our work we would love to hear from you.


Most schools will have at least one child who has been adopted or is in the care of the local authority.  It is therefore likely that your school will have some experience of the delicate and complex issues that can present in caring for these vulnerable children.

Fundraising for CCS at school is a fun and exciting way to engage students in supporting adopted children and their adoptive parents. Any money raised makes a huge difference and goes directly towards our services for adoptive families, ensuring that they have access to support when, and for as long as, they need it.

Whether you want to collect donations for us at your school play, organise a fête or fundraiser, or have a day when everyone donates to dress up as their favourite book character or colour, there are many ways you can support.

We would love your school to get involved in our work, so please take a look at our Shop and Sell page and get in touch so that we can provide you with the support you need.

Community Groups

Fundraising in your community group or sports club is great fun, and makes a huge difference to the families who need and value our support.

We are grateful to have worked with some amazing sports clubs and community organisations over the years, including football clubs, sports centres, WI groups, and Rotary and Inner Wheel clubs. This help is hugely valued, and we are happy to provide resources and support to help groups plan engaging events which raise money and awareness of our vital work.

If you are part of a group or club and feel you may be able to help please get in touch – our fundraising team would love to hear from you!

For information and ideas about how to fundraise through your church, school, faith or community group please take a look at our Fundraise For Us page or get in touch with our fundraisers by calling 0117 935 0005 or by emailing fundraising@ccsadoption.org.