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Why do we need your support?

We rely on donations to provide a comprehensive range of post-adoption support services so please consider supporting the work of our charity.

Some adoptive families require a great deal of support from the outset whilst others settle into their new lives together with relative ease but then may encounter problems when their children start school or reach adolescence.

Life in an adoptive family can be extremely challenging without specialist support. The support we provide to our families gives adopters the best possible chance of coping with the many challenges inherent in parenting children who have had very traumatic early life experiences. In some cases, without this help, children can end up back in Local Authority care and are far more likely to have poor life outcomes such as homelessness, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health issues. Please help us give them a brighter future.

Families can come to us at any time to access services which will help them through these difficult times including:

  • Specialist counselling and therapy
  • Social events for all the family
  • One to one and group support meetings including separate mum’s and dad’s days
  • A range of children’s services.

An example of how much things cost:

  • Cost per toddler group is £120
  • Cost per after school group is £120
  • Cost per day of holiday club ~£600
  • Cost of 6 months of monthly meetings with psychologist £1440
  • An 8 week course for parents on Mindfulness or Whole Brain Child is £80 per family.


Nearly half of the staff engaged in the preparation, assessment and support of our families are volunteers so you can be confident that your donations will not be wasted on unnecessary administration or management costs but will contribute directly to improving the lives of vulnerable children.