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Hearts and Minds

A Specialist Therapeutic Programme for Adoptive Families

Created by Andrew Lister (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) and Dr Jude Courtney (Clinical Psychologist)

An 8 week specialist therapeutic parenting programme for adoptive parents. Designed for all adopters, but particularly for those who find themselves getting limited rewards from family life, feeling frequent stress, or wanting to think about the parenting of their child. The programme will focus on the 8 habits of the thriving adoptive family and provide strategies on how to embed these into daily family life. It will enhance your existing knowledge and enable reflection on the emotional journey that adoption brings.

It will be of particular benefit to those who are contemplating, or are about to engage in, therapeutic intervention. Adopters will need to have had a child placed for 6 months or more.

If you parent as a couple, both adults need to attend.  To facilitate this we will hold both a morning and an evening session, so both can attend one or the other of the times, either separately or together. We would expect that people commit to attending all of the eight sessions. There will be a maximum of 12 attendees at each session. This course will be held online for its duration.

The next course is from 28th and 29th September

£750 – 1,400. Funding can be applied for through the Adoption Support Fund.

Covid 19 webinars for adopters

The Centre for Adoption Support and Education is a holding a series of Zoom webinars in the evenings to help support adoptive parents with the most pressing issues they are facing as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. Facilitated by Andrew Lister and Dr. Jude Courtney, the clinical psychologists at The Centre, they are a safe space in which to share, listen and discuss as a group how to deal with the new world we all find ourselves in.

Webinars on 8th, 9th, 15th, 30th June, 27th July, 10th August. See our events calendar for details.

Free and open to adopters with any agency. To book a place on the webinar please contact info@adoptionsupportcentre.org 

NVR 7 week course

31/3/20 We have made the decision to postpone the parents NVR course. We are not able to physically bring a new group together at this time and feel that it would not be sufficiently supportive to attendees to present these workshops remotely. We are great believers in the NVR approach and will plan to run this course again as soon as the restrictions regarding Covid-19 are lifted. If you have already signed up for the course, with your consent we can keep your name on a list of potential attendees for the future. Please contact admin@ccsadoption.org and let us know if you would like us to do this.

Learn to use NVR to support your adoptive family in this 7 week course from CCS and Action For Children.

A 7 week course in NVR techniques and strategies for adoptive parents; NVR is an approach for parents with children or adolescents with violent, destructive or harmful behaviours.  It is designed for adopters who find themselves unable to experience family life in the way that they had hoped. You may be finding limited rewards, frequent stress and feelings of being lost with the child you are living with. Traditional parenting methods may have been tried and have failed and an alternative is needed. NVR focuses on resisting the use of any physical or verbal violence; persisting in the stand against the unwanted behaviours and repairing and uniting the relationship between the parent and the child.

Contact admin@ccsadoption.org for dates tbc

£600 per single adopter and £1,100 per couple. Funding through ASF.

NVR Therapeutic Training & Support Programme

A specialist Non Violent Resistance (NVR) therapeutic training programme for adoptive parents who have already gained some understanding and experience of NVR through previous NVR training or individual therapeutic work.  Delivered in monthly sessions over one year each 2 hour session will provide adoptive parents with the opportunity to further their knowledge of NVR principles and embed NVR practice into their parenting. 

See our events calendar for monthly dates starting in September 2020

£318 per family. Funding can be applied for through the ASF

Life Story Workshops and Drop Ins

Helping adopted children understand their story can often be a challenge for parents. Life story work takes many formats from books, to later-life letters, memory boxes and longer term therapeutic support and it can be daunting to navigate and know how, when and what to access. Our Life Story work team can help in two ways. Firstly we have regular online workshops exploring how ongoing life story work contributes to children’s and young people’s understanding of their past, present and future and give adopters some tools and ideas to help them support their children through this journey. Secondly we are also offering Drop Ins, more informal sessions where adopters can submit their questions in advance or just talk about their concerns with the team on the day. Workshops are £10 for non CCS Adopters and free to CCS adopters. Drop Ins are free.

Get in touch to book your place and receive joining details with eve.payne@ccsadoption.org

Workshop Tuesday 30th June 2020, 10am – 2.30pm; Drop In Tuesday 21st July 2020, 10am – 11.30am

Workshop £10 for non CCS adopters. Free to CCS Adopters.