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Courses and Workshops

Hearts and Minds

A Specialist Therapeutic Programme for Adoptive Families

Created by Andrew Lister (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) and Dr Jude Courtney (Clinical Psychologist)

An 8 week specialist therapeutic programme for adoptive parents, designed for adopters who find themselves unable to experience family life in the way that they had hoped. You may be finding limited rewards, frequent stress and feelings of being lost with the child you are living with. The programme will focus on the 8 habits of the thriving adoptive family and provide strategies on how to embed these into your daily family life. The programme will enhance your family’s existing knowledge and enable reflection on the emotional journey that adoption brings.

This programme will be of particular benefit to those who are contemplating, or are about to engage in, therapeutic intervention. Adopters will need to have had a child placed for 6 months or more.

If you parent as a couple, both adults need to attend.  To facilitate this we will hold both a morning and an evening session, so both can attend one or the other of the times, either separately or together. We would expect that people commit to attending all of the eight sessions. There will be a maximum of 12 attendees at each session.

See our events calendar for dates in January and May 2020

£750 – 1,400. Funding can be applied for through the Adoption Support Fund.

Introduction to Attachment and Trauma for Education Professionals

An introductory course on attachment and trauma aimed at professionals who work with vulnerable children in educations settings of all varieties. Delivered by an experienced trainer and an adoptive parent there will be opportunities for discussion and sharing of good practice. Delegates will leave the workshop with a better awareness and understanding of key issues in trauma and attachment, how these issues present in children’s behaviour and some strategies to support children in educational settings.

To book a place please contact us on 0117 955 8826 or info@adoptionsupportcentre.org

Wednesday 4th March, Friday 3rd July 9.00 – 12.30pm

Cost £55

Life Story Workshops

Helping adopted children understand their story can often be a challenge for parents. Life story work takes many formats from books, to later-life letters, memory boxes and longer term therapeutic support and it can be daunting to navigate and know how, when and what to access. The workshop will explore how ongoing life story work contributes to children’s and young people’s understanding of their past, present and future and give adopters some tools and ideas to help them support their children through this journey. £10 for non CCS Adopters and free to CCS adopters.

We are also trialing a drop in style coffee morning on 11th February when people can come and discuss their specific queries around Life Story work with our team.

Get in touch to book your place, 0117 935 0005 or email admin@ccsadoption.org

Tuesday 31st March 2020, Tuesday 30th June 2020, 10am – 2.30pm

£10 for non CCS adopters. Free to CCS Adopters.

Identity: Who Am I?

This  ‘hands-on’ workshop will explore what identity is, how it’s formed and what we can do to shape it in positive and life-affirming ways for ourselves and our adopted children. Your stories, questions and reflections are all welcome. We will:

  • Look at the impact of history, home and how the world views us
  • Learn practical strategies to work with emerging identity needs
  • Recognise and share the skills, knowledge and experience in the group
  • Have plenty of time for reflection and discussion

28th January 2020, 10am – 1pm

Cost £10.00 per person for non CCS families. To book email info@adoptionsupportcentre.org  or call 0117 9558826

Sensory Processing: Scenarios and Strategies

A workshop for parents and carers of children and young people who may have difficulties with sensory processing. Topics will include:

  • Identifying sensory processing issues
  • Strategies to help and support parents, carers, children and young people
  • An opportunity for open discussion to talk about individual needs

Tuesday 10th March 2020, 9.30 – 11.30am

Cost £10.00 per person for non CCS families. To book email  info@adoptionsupportcentre.org or call 0117 9558826