Welcome to The Centre for Adoption Support and Education


“We have all felt so welcome and nurtured at The Centre”

“My daughter always enjoys attending activities at The Centre and it is really good that the staff has a good understanding of her needs and manages her in a positive way. For me it is a great relief to be able to leave her in a place where she is safe where the impact of adoption is completely understood”.

“My son needs to go to activities like this where he can learn new things and where he will not be judged or feel that he shouldn’t try new things”.

“The children are always the main focus on these activity days which is exactly as it should be… they often come home feeling really good about themselves”

“Staff are always very welcoming and address each child individually, they make reference to something about their last visit which gives the young person a sense of belonging”.

“Thank you so much for your support and great memories … you’ve been a lifeline’

“It is a safe place to visit, laugh, cry, have fun ,chat without explanation, explore ideas and for the kids to play and form relationships without us feeling judged”.

“Our time at toddler group has been absolutely invaluable”

“The opportunity to meet and talk to other adopters is vital I appreciate greatly the opportunity to share and ‘be ourselves'”

“I really cannot speak highly enough of the warm welcome, humour, support and expertise we receive each week at The Centre…it continues to give us all a great deal of support and a better outlook on life”

“The activities were really well organised and thought through, they made new friends and it was an inspiring morning for them and it really built their confidence.”