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Adoptive Families

Many adoptions in the UK involve sibling groups, children with additional needs or older children.  Adopted children’s early experiences mean they can often struggle with relationships and other aspects or everyday life. At the Centre we offer a variety of groups and activities for children, young people and families which gives opportunity for them to explore their identity, makes friends, express themselves through play.

There are times when adoptive parents know that they need additional support for their child. You can find some information here about how to obtain an Adoption Support Assessments, access the Adoption Support Fund and get the most out of the Pupil Premiums. The Centre also provides its own Therapy Service which can be accessed using the Adoption Support Fund.

You might also find this information from First 4 Adoption in their Adoption Passport a useful guide too as to what general support and services are available to adoptive families.

And you can download a guide to all the services of The Centre here.