Welcome to The Centre for Adoption Support and Education

Ofsted Report

The agency is highly effective in providing positive experiences that promote the development of strong bonds between adopters and their children. Adoptive families recognise the value of the support it provides. They report that it has been extremely influential in building attachment and preventing family breakdown where children have complex and challenging needs. The agency is particularly responsive to, and works extremely well with partner agencies and adopters, using their views to develop and improve the delivery of the service.

With strong and effective leadership, the service has grown significantly during its first year of operation so that it provides a growing, dynamic service where experts deliver innovative and up-to-date research-based training and workshops for adoption professionals and adoptive families. The agency’s development plan clearly sets out its direction of travel and is based on a very good understanding of the life-long needs of adoptive families and messages from research. The agency has made significant progress in meeting its targets to provide a centre of excellence where adopted children and their parents can access the help they need, when they need it.