Welcome to The Centre for Adoption Support and Education


1998 – Our Place was founded in Bristol as a charity for families who foster and adopt, by Dr. Randy Lee Comfort, MSW, PhD. Dr Comfort has a huge commitment to adoption support and has continued to be a benefactor to The Centre (formerly known as Our Place) for many years.

2013 Dr Comfort retired and asked CCS Adoption to take on the management of The Centre. Since then The Centre has continued to be available for independent support to families who have adopted or provided permanent homes for children in care.

2014 – The Centre For Adoption Support and Education became a registered Adoption Support Agency through Ofsted.

2015 – The Centre achieved Outstanding at its first Ofsted inspection, post registration.

2016 When Dr Comfort asked CCS Adoption to continue her good work and the new Centre charity was formed, it was always clear that the premises would need to be sold.  As a result of the sale The Centre temporarily functioned from The “New Place” Community Centre, 119/121 Fishponds Road, BS5 6PN.

October 2016 – The Centre gained a new home at 162 Pennywell Road, Easton where CCS has its offices. Building works extended and adapted part of the building and created a bright, welcoming space for families.

February 2017 –  A launch event was held at The Centre to introduce the new building and its associated programmes to Professionals working in the area of adoption.