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A Charity for families who foster and adopt


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Latest Bulletin

Click here to download the latest Centre bulletin with full listings of all activities taking place at the Centre.

Adoption Support Fund

More than 3,000 families that have adopted a child are set to benefit from the government’s £19.3m Adoption Support Fund, latest figures suggest.


Family Yoga Classes

Click here to download our One to One Family Yoga flyer.

Letter from Children's Minister to Adopters

Children's Minister Edward Timpson writes to anyone who has adopted a child from care about government improvements to the adoption system, click here to read the full letter which outlines what the government is doing to improve the adoption system.

Book of the Month

A Story About Learning New Ways to Feel Calm by Jane Evans and Izzy Bean

Once upon a time there was a Little Meerkat with an important job to do. Today was the day when Little Meerkat finally took a turn at being the lookout Meerkat – watching out for dangers to protect the Meerkat gang. It was all going well until Little Meerkat fell asleep and woke up to find everyone had disappeared! This sent little Meerkat into a very big panic. With help from Small Elephant and Mini Monkey can Little Meerkat calm down and find the missing Meerkats?


Welcome to the Centre for Adoption Support & Education

The Centre’s provides bespoke, high quality, innovative services, activities and resources that support and make a difference to those affected by adoption and permanency, adopted or fostered children and families, and professionals who work with adoption and permanence. Click here to download our 'About Us' guide.

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What happens at The Centre?

The Centre is a place where you can come to have fun, take part in a range of activities and be with other adopted or looked after children and families. You can meet other adopted or fostered people and  families, make friends, share experiences and learn things together. Centre staff are also available for you to talk to.


adoption supportWho can use The Centre?

The Centre welcomes all families who have adopted or who are fostering as well as families with children placed for adoption who are not yet adopted.


How to get in touch

If you are interested in attending activities at The Centre please contact us. We can email you our current bulletin of activities and welcome information and keep you updated on future events.

If you would like to discuss any issues relating to adoption or adoption support please contact us.